Abbreviation Full Name Effects
STR Strength
  • Increase Max HP.
  • Increase Physical damage.
  • Increase max Weight player can have in Inventory.
DEX Dexterity
  • Increase Doge Rate.
  • Increase damage of Hawker weapons (long range and knuckles).
INT Intelligence
  • Increase Max MP.
  • Increase damage of magic weapons.
  • Increase Magic Resistance.
CON Concentration
  • Increase Attack Accuracy.
  • Increase chance of success when crafting.
  • Increase HP Recovery and MP Recovery.
CHA Charm
  • Affect interactions with NPCs and XP gained in completing quests.
SEN Sense
  • Affect options added when crafting.
  • Increase damage of long range skill attacks.
  • Increase critical.

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