Resume Hawkers can advance to Scouts by focusing on their archery skills. Scouts can use Long Bow class weapons to do fast and accurate attacks.
Characteristics Scouts wear lightweight armors made out of fabric or leather to move as quickly as possible. For increased defense, Scouts can also wear chain mail. They always carry a quiver, and seem to like wearing animal furs.
Weapons Scouts tend to favor Long Bows, but it is also possible for them to use short Swords or Guns.
Battle Strategy Since Scouts are well suited to using long range attacks, they can afford to avoid close encounters with monsters. Instead, Scouts initiate attack on the enemy from a distance and continue to attack as the enemy approaches. This makes Scouts ideal for supporting melee attack characters from behind when adventuring in a party.
Main Skills Since Scouts focus on long range attacks, most of their skills are related to bow abilities. These skills can increase attack accuracy when using a Bow weapon or the number of arrows that they can shoot at one time.



Name Description Type Skill Book Price
Hawk Shot Attack an ennemy from a long distance Offensive 37,350
Eagle Shot Attack an ennemy from a long distance , as well as inflict the Stunned status. Offensive
Poison Arrow Shoot an arrow that will inflict the Poisoned status on an enemy. Offensive 33,150
Sharpen Arrow Increase Attack Power of Bow and Crossbow weapon for skill's duration. SELF BUFF 29,200
Triple Shot Attack an ennemy from a long distance Offensive
Detect Detect hidden enemies around the caster Debuff 29,200
Call Hawk Summon a hawk. Summoning Magic 37,250
Flame Hawk Summon a fire hawk to inflict damage to ennemies from a distance Offensive 29,200


Name Description Type Skill Book Price
Speed Shot Increase Attack Speed of Bow and Crossbow weapons for skill's duration Self Buff 18850
Bow Mastery Increase Attack Power of Bow weapons. Passive 1300
Relax Increase HP Recovery Rate while resting Passive 3450
Spiral Kick Enable its caster to spin and kick on a spot to do splash damage to nearby ennemies Offensive (AOE) 10750
Sprint Increase the caster's Movement Speed for skill's duration Self Buff 6600
Hawker Spirit Increase the caster's Attack Accuracy for skill's duration Self Buff 4900
Heart Hit Shoot a heart shaped spirit sphere at a target from a distance.Inflict damage and decrease target's Attack Speed at the same time. Offensive 15900
Trap Shot Shoot an arrow at a target with great force Offensive 8550
Battle Mastery Increase Attack Speed of Katar, Dual Wield and Bow weapons Passive 3450

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