Launchers can be used with either a Bourgieos, Knights and Champions.

Utilized by Strength (STR)

Name Stats Requirements Blue Items
Attack Power Attack Speed Attack Distance Level Job
Wooden Launcher 54 Normal 25M 30
Basic Launcher 67 Normal 25M 39
Hard Launcher 81 Normal 26M 48 Golden Hard Launcher
Bronze Launcher 96 Normal 26M 57 Grand Bronze Launcher
Gatling Multi Launcher 101 Fast +1 32M -
[Max MP 200]
Marble Launcher 110 Normal 27M 65
Orc Launcher 125 Normal 27M 73 Dark Orc Launcher
Mythril Launcher 141 Normal 27M 81 Legend Mythril Launcher
Faust 155 Fast +1 32M -
[Attack Speed 20]
Cross Launcher 157 Normal 28M 89 Golden Cross Launcher
Burning Launcher 173 Normal 28M 96
Shadow Launcher 188 Normal 28M 103
Corsair Cannon 205 Normal 30M 110 Grand Corsair Cannon
Particle Cannon 222 Normal 30M 117 Legend Particle CannonGolden Particle Cannon
Mana Cannon 239 Normal 30M 124
Ferrell Cannon 255 Normal 32M 130 Dark Ferrell Cannon
Spero Shooter 271 Normal 32M 136 Grand Spero Shooter
Breakdown Cannon 299 Normal 32M 146 Saint Breakdown Cannon
Reverse Cannon 328 Normal 32M 156 Golden Reverse Cannon
Devil Launcher 342 Normal 34M 166 Dark Devil Launcher
Imperial Launcher 368 Normal 34M 176 Grand Imperial Launcher
Hedgehog 374 Normal 34M 186 Golden Hedgehog

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