Bow Guns are to be used with either Knights or Scouts.

Utilized by Strength (STR)

Name Stats Requirements Blue Items
Attack Power Attack Speed Attack Distance Level Job
Simple Bow Gun 52 Fast +2 20M 40
Cutter Bow Gun 65 Fast +2 20M 50
Quick Bow Gun 65 Fast +2 20M 59 Grand Quick Bow Gun
Crossbow Gun 88 Fast +3 22M 68 Dark Crossbow Gun
Poison Bow Gun 106 Fast +2 22M 77 Grand Posion Bow Gun
Composite Bow Gun 118 Fast +3 M -
[Critical 40]
Dark Bow Gun 119 Fast +2 22M 85 Legend Dark Bow Gun
Elf Bow Gun 128 Fast +3 23M 93 Golden Elf Bow Gun
Anima Bow Gun 149 Fast +2 23M 101 Saint Anima Bow Gun
OverGear Bow Gun 165 Fast +2 23M 109 Grand OverGear Bow GunLegend OverGear Bow Gun
Knight Killer 179 Fast +3 30M -
[Attack Speed 20]
Steel Bow Gun 192 Fast +2 M 122 Dark Steel Bow Gun
Mythril Bow Gun 232 Fast +2 M 134 Legend Mythril Bow Gun
Cyclone Bow Gun 256 Fast +2 24M 147 Elven Cyclone Bow Gun
Tribal Bow Gun 275 Fast +3 25M 156 Demon Tribal Bow Gun
Military Bow Gun 294 Fast+2 26M 168 Saint Military Bow Gun
Dragon Bow Gun 320 Fast +2 25M 180 Legend Dragon Bow Gun

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