Resume Honest Dealers that want to specialize in business and trading can be promoted to the Bourgeois. As Bourgeois, their trading skills are enhanced and are also able to hire mercenaries. Bourgeois characters use their financial abilities to gain control and influence over their opponents and to make sure their allies are well supplied.
Characteristics Because Bourgeois must travel from town to town for business, they wear lightweight, yet luxurious clothing that emphasizes bling-bling. They can carry an extra pair of shoes for long trips, and can carry around huge bags on their backs for business.
Weapons The Bourgeois can use most weapons, but Guns happen to be their favorite. They can also equip a one handed sword and a shield.
Battle Strategy Although Bourgeois can use Guns, they cannot overcome tough battles relying on just their weapons. Thus, the Bourgeois can hire mercenaries to fight for them. While the mercenaries are battling enemies, the Bourgeois can support them with gunfire or the use of their skills.
Main Skills Bourgeois specialize in the use of trading skills, and can hire mercenaries to fight for them.



Name Description Type Skill Book Price
Sniping Shot Inflict a great amount of damage to a target Offensive
Aim Point Shoot a target from a considerably long distance Offensive
Zuly Storm Throw many coins to inflict damage on ennemies near the caster Offensive (AOE)
Employ Hunter Use Zuly to summon a Hunter that specializes in long distance attacks Summoning Magic
Terror Knight Summon a Terror Knight Summoning Magic
Triple Shot (Bourgeois-Artisan) Shoot 3 bullets at a target in one incredibly quick attack Offensive
Overcharge Passive


Name Description Type Skill Book Price
Employ Warrior Summon a melee attack warrior by spending Zuly. Summoning Magic 10750
Employ Troops Increase Maximum Summon Gauge Passive 10750
Zuly Pink Throw a coin at a target to cause damage from a distance Offensive 15900
Stockpile Increase the chance of obtaining items from monsters Passive 6600
Market Research Study Economy.Increase Charm by 2 each time the level of the skill is increased. Passive 1300
Pack Mastery Increase the number of items which can be carried inside a Bagpack Passive 2250
Discount Enable its user to purchase items from NPC shops for less Zulie than the original price Passive 3450
Marksmanship Increase Gun and Launcher damage. Passive 1300
Arms Mastery Refine combat techniques with a Gun.Increase Attack Speed when wielding a Gun or Launcher Passive 3450
Gun Smash Hit a nearby target with the barrel of your gun Offensive 6600
Poison Fang Shoot a poisonous bullet at a target to inflict damage and Poison status.Ennemies near the target will also poisoned at the same time. Offensive 10750
Union Weapon Increase the caster's Attack Speed for skill's duration Self Buff 4900

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