Resume Dealers that wish to further develop their craftsmanship can be promoted to Artisans. As Artisans, they can create rare items by learning various crafting skills. They can also create summoning items that will call spirits to aid them in battles.
Characteristics Artisans prefer dark clothing, as well as a broad brimmed hat to block the glare of the sun when they travel. They also carry backpacks which allow them to gather many crafting materials. Around their waists, they often carry a water bottle and simple tools for item crafting.
Weapons Artisans are adept at handling Guns.
Battle Strategy Artisans are not well suited to solo battles, but can summon spirits to fight for them. Artisans can back up these battles spirits as they confront enemies.
Main Skills Artisans have various item creation skills which allow them to create weapons, armor, antique products, or to purify gemstones. They can summon spirits to aid them in battles.



Name Description Type Skill Book Price
Sniping Shot Inflict a great amount of damage to a target Offensive
Aim Point Shoot a target from a considerably long distance Offensive
Gem Cutting Crafting
CastleGear Craft Crafting
Cart Craft Create various Cart parts. Crafting
Item Refining Crafting
Triple Shot (Bourgeois-Artisan) Shoot 3 bullets at a target in one incredibly quick attack Offensive


Name Description Type Skill Book Price
Subitem Craft Craft Shields, Bags, Back Euiqpments, Wings etc Crafting 3450
Sword Craft Create One-Handed Swords, Two-Handed Swords or Dual Wield weapons Crafting 4900
Mace Craft Create Axes, Spears, Katars or One-Handed Maces Crafting 4900
Bow Craft Create Bows or Crossbows Crafting 4900
Magic Weapon Craft Create Magic Weapons such as Staffs or Wands Crafting 4900
Gun Craft Create Guns or Launchers Crafting 4900
Normal Armor Craft Create normal Clothing, Hats, Gloves, Shoes and Masks Crafting 8550
Combat Armor Craft Create Armors,Helms,Gauntlets and Boots Crafting 8550
Magic Armor Craft Create Magic Clothing, Hats, Gloves and Boots Crafting 8550
Craft Mastery Learn the essentials of crafting.increase Maximum MP Passive 3450
Marksmanship Increase Gun and Launcher damage. Passive 1300
Arms Mastery Refine combat techniques with a Gun.Increase Attack Speed when wielding a Gun or Launcher Passive 3450
Gun Smash Hit a nearby target with the barrel of your gun Offensive 6600
Poison Fang Shoot a poisonous bullet at a target to inflict damage and Poison status.Ennemies near the target will also poisoned at the same time. Offensive 10750
Union Weapon Increase the caster's Attack Speed for skill's duration Self Buff 4900
Zuly Pink Throw a coin at a target to cause damage from a distance Offensive 15900

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